New Features & Improvements (June 2020)

New Features & Improvements

Sending Emails To Support Is Easier (Admins Only)
  • PurpleCloud Admins will now have the ability to submit support tickets through PurpleCloud.
  • Simply click on the gray circle (if your picture is uploaded, then click on your photo) in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • After clicking the circle, click on the "Support" button. Fill out all fields and then submit it. That's it!

Settings Have Been Locked Down
  • Admins can now give admin access to other managers who will then have the ability to make changes under settings.
  • Only admins will have access to create a new employee and to change a user's password in PurpleCloud.
  • We recommend limiting admin access to top tier managers only.


Four New Roles Are Now Available
  • We have added four new roles that can be used for any current or new employees in the system.
  • The four new roles are Valet (VL), Room Service (RS), Turn-down (TD), and Minibar (MB).

Role Code


Turndown and Minibar Options
  • We have added turndown, turndown refusal, and minibar options to the in-room area.
  • Once selected, the system will add an icon to the room to indicate whether turndown was completed or not and also will add an icon for minibar completion.


Multiple Roles Can Now Be Added To Employees
  • You can now add multiple roles to employees.
  • There is no limit to how many roles can be added.
  • If you or your employees have multiple roles, you will have the choice to choose which role is assigned to you that day during the login process.


You Can Now Reply To Messages
  • You can now reply to any message sent to you in PurpleCloud.
  • Simply click on a message to open it and type out your reply in the message area and then send it.


Editing Checklists
  • You can now edit the order and item description of each checklist item.
  • You can move an item description from the bottom of the checklist to the top or anywhere.
  • Editing the checklist items is easy too, simply click on the pencil icon next to the item and change to whatever you like.

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