Unable To Login To PurpleCloud

If you are unable to log in to PurpleCloud, please check that you are typing in the correct property id (domain), username, and password. All passwords are case-sensitive. 

If you still are unable to log in to PurpleCloud, please contact an admin at your hotel and inform them to reset your password in the system.

Admins Only

The steps to reset a password is listed below:

1. Log in to PurpleCloud (app.purplecloudtech.com). Only admins can reset passwords and create new users.

2. Click on the "Employee Management" button located under Menu:


3. Locate the employee's name on the left side and click to open.

4. Click in the Change Password field and type in a new password.


5. Be sure to click on the "Save Employee" button to save the changes:


If you are unable to log in to the system as an admin and there is no one available to reset your password, please reach out to our success team at support@purplecloudtech.com. Someone will be able to assist you.

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