Unable To Login To PurpleCloud

If you are unable to log-in to PurpleCloud, please check that you are typing in the correct property id (domain), username, and password. All passwords are case-sensitive. 

If you still are unable to log-in to PurpleCloud, please contact an admin at your hotel and inform them to reset your password in the system.

Admins Only

The steps to reset a password is listed below:

1. Log-in to PurpleCloud (app.purplecloudtech.com).

2. Click on the "Employees" button on the purple toolbar:


3. Locate the employee's name on the left side and click to open.

4. Click in the Change Password field and type in a new password.


5. Be sure to click on the "Save Employee" button to save the changes:


If you are unable to login to the system as an admin and there is no one available to reset your password, please reach out to our success team at support@purplecloudtech.com.

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