The Purpose of Analytics in PurpleCloud CR

All managers have access to reports in PurpleCloud CR; however, only certain managers will have access to Analytics. Typically, we recommend giving access to GMs, AGMs. Depending upon your personal needs at your property, you can give access to other managers as well. You will have to email the support team at to request access for others.

Why Do I Need Access To Analytics

Analytics provides GMs and AGMs with more detailed data than what can be found in reports alone. The data is color-coded and there are more filters available to drill down the data as well.

There are three reports available: Hourly Checklist Report, Checklist Duration Audit, and Filtered Contact Tracing. 

Hourly Checklist Report

The Hourly Checklist Report displays the date and time that each COVID 19 Checklist was created. You will also have the ability to filter the report by usernames.


Checklist Duration Audit

The Checklist Duration Audit provides data on what room or area was cleaned along with the duration it took to clean those areas. The room and areas are color-coded.

Red means that the user completed the checklist way too fast. Maybe the user forgot to click on the checklist once they entered the room and they may have remembered after completing the cleaning, prompting the user to access the checklist and complete each item quickly.

Blue means that the user properly entered the checklist as soon as he or she started to clean the room and completed each item in an acceptable timeframe.

You can filter this report by minimum and maximum time parameters, username, and date created as well.


Filtered Contact Tracing

The Filtered Contact Tracing report provides the usernames and the locations of the completed checklists. You can filter by username location and the date that the checklist was created.


You cannot print any of the reports in Analytics; however, you can click on the print screen button on your keyboard and paste the document into MS Word and print it from there.

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