Pending Vacancies Training

1. As housekeepers clean rooms, they will notice that guests have checked out of occupied rooms. They have the ability to check the "Guest check out" box inside of the occupied. They can then choose a recipient to send the message to, such as someone at the front desk. No matter who is chosen, all front desk members, who have access to PurpleCloud and are logged in to the system, will see the "pending vacancies" after pressing the button.



2. Always monitor the Pending Vacancies under the messaging area. This area will alert you to check the guest out of the occupied room in your PMS system. The room number is highlighted in yellow. The room numbers are listed so that you will know which room to check the guest out of in your PMS system.



3. After you are done with checking the guest out of the room, simply check the "Cancel Mode" checkbox above and check the message boxes to indicate that you have checked the guest out of your PMS system and then click on the red "Cancel Messages" box that appears to delete the messages out of the system.



4. To exit out of the "Pending Vacancies" area, simply click on the "All Staff" area above to access your other messages.


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