How To Whitelist MAC Addresses On Your Network

Whitelisting the MAC address of your employees' mobile devices will ensure that they are able to bypass the splash page that pops up and prompts them to enter in credentials to access the hotel's WiFi. Here are the steps to find the MAC addresses:

  1. You will need to connect all devices to your hotel Wi-Fi network.
  2. Once all of the devices have been connected, you can now look for the MAC address on each phone: 
  3. The MAC addresses will need to be sent to your Internet Service Provider so they can whitelist them. if you have the ability to whitelist yourself, please do so.

Once all MAC addresses are whitelisted, your team members will no longer be prompted to enter in a username and/or password to access the hotel's network.

Your WiFi Network

  1. We recommend connecting the devices to a WIFI network separate from your guest network. This will ensure optimal speeds throughout the day (This is optional).
  2. We recommend internet speeds no less than 15 Mbps for optimum performance.
  3. Whitelisting the devices will make your life much easier. If a device disconnects from the network for whatever reason, the end-user will not have to retype the password to access the network again. The device will reconnect automatically.


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