How To Create A Message In PurpleCloud CR

To create a message in PurpleCloud CR, click on the Home button on the purple toolbar if you are not on the home screen:


Click in the black Message area at the bottom of the screen:


After clicking in the Message area, complete the fields shown (Select Users and Message; Select Image is optional):


Under Select Users, you will have the choice to select one person, multiple people, one department, multiple departments, or the whole organization.

After typing out your message, click on the "airplane" icon to the right of the message area to send your message:


If the airplane icon is not highlighted, please ensure that you have selected a user and typed a message.

Once you send your message, it will show on the main screen:


Please remember, all messages can be seen by managers. 

Messages can be filtered by department:


-ALL equals all messages for all departments

-MN is for Management

-FD is for Front Desk

-HK is for Housekeeping

-EN is for Engineering

-VL is for Valet

-MB is for Minibar

-RS is for Room Service

-TD is for Turndown

-SR is for Supervisors

-SP is for Service Person (use for housemen, laundry, bellman).

You can also search for messages by keywords, location, or users as well:



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