Completing Checklists - PurpleCloud CR

Your main concern in PurpleCloud CR is completing checklists that are available to you.

To a complete checklist in PurpleCloud, log-in to PurpleCloud CR.

If you are using a desktop, click on the Complete Checklists button on the purple toolbar:


If you are using a mobile device, click on the Menu button first and then click on the Complete Checklists button:


Once in the "Complete Checklists" area, locate the checklist that you want to complete and click on it to open:


After opening the checklist, click on Done next to each line item that is completed in the room or area. Leave Not Done selected if the item is not completed. Use the Comments field to explain any details relating to the line item:


Once you get to the bottom of the checklist, be sure to complete the Location, any additional comments, add any photo that you would like included and then either click on Save For Later (if you are not finished) or click on Complete Inspection (once you are done). The score tabulates automatically:


If Complete Inspection button is not highlighted, be sure to check that a location is entered in the "Location" field:


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