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Although you can manage checklists on a mobile device, we strongly recommend that you do so on a desktop computer.

The Manage Checklists area allows managers to create new checklists and edit existing ones.

To access the Manage Checklist button, simply log-in to PurpleCloud CR and click on the Manage Checklists button on the purple toolbar:


To create a new checklist, click on the "Create New Checklist button:


Complete the Checklist Name, first. Next, choose the checklist format {Done/Not Done Format or Assign Points to Items in this checklist (MN)}. Engineering Format is not available in PurpleCloud CR. Click on the Create button to complete the process.


Done/Not Done format creates just that. Housekeepers can choose Done on items that have been completed and Not Done on items that have not been completed:


Assigning points to Items in this checklist is meant for supervisors or managers to check behind the housekeeper and assign maximum points for items done correctly and to remove points for items not completed correctly:


After creating the format you now can proceed with selecting the role in which you want the checklist to show. The roles are as follows:

MN is for ManagementFD is for Front DeskHK is for HousekeepingEN is for EngineeringVL is for ValetMB is for MinibarRS is for Room ServiceTD is for TurndownSR is for SupervisorsSP is for Service Person (use for Housemen, Laundry, Bellman as well), and ALL is for All Departments.

The type defaults to Out of Room for the CR version of PurpleCloud.
Check the "Prompt user for Location information" box to display a location field where the employee can add the location in which the checklist is being completed:
Add in each checklist item in the "Insert New Checklist Item" area. You will have to insert one item at a time and then click the "Insert" button.
You can edit, reorder, and delete checklist items as needed:


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