How To Add A New Employee Into PurpleCloud CR (Admins Only)


The steps to add a new employee to PurpleCloud is simple.

On your desktop computer or mobile device, log-in to the PurpleCloud CR ( Click on the Employees button on the purple toolbar (we recommend using a desktop to complete these steps):


Click on the "Add New Employee" button at the top left:


Be sure to complete the username (usernames must be unique), first name, last name, create a password (passwords are case-sensitive and must be at least 6 characters long), role (department), and language fields. Only the "Select Image" field is optional. 


Once done, click on the "Create Employee" button to add the new employee.

The role abbreviations are listed below:

-MN = Management
-FD = Front Desk
-HK = Housekeeping
-EN = Engineering
-VL = Valet
-MB = Minibar
-RS = Room Service
-TD = Turndown
-SR = Supervisors
-SP = Service Person (use for housemen, laundry, bellman)
As an admin, you will have to ability to give admin access to other managers. We strongly recommend giving admin access to those that truly need it (maybe 2 or 3 people).
To give admin access, click on the Employees button. Click on the MN filter at the top to filter your employees by managers only:
Check the "Admin?" box and click on Save Employee.
Inform the employee that they will need to refresh the Google Chrome browser or log out of PurpleCloud and log back in for the changes to take place.
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