Administrators Only - PurpleCloud CR Log-in Assistance

After receiving the PurpleCloud CR Welcome email, try logging into PurpleCloud CR: with the credentials that were provided in the email.

  • Your domain is your hotel name (this information should be in the Welcome email that we sent).
  • Your username is the username that we created for you as an admin or if you are setting up a new user in the system, then their username will be whatever you created for the employee.
  • Your password was sent in the email that the PurpleCloud team sent to you in the Welcome email. You will have the ability, as an admin, to reset your password or any team member's password upon successful entry into PurpleCloud CR.

If someone on your team is not able to log-in to PurpleCloud after you set up their profile in the system, please ensure that the employee is using the correct username that you assigned and the correct password as well. The password is case-sensitive. In addition, please make sure that the employee is using the Google Chrome browser only and that the website they are accessing is on their device.

If an employee is still unable to login, please be sure to check the username and ensure that it is unique and not the same as another user in the system. All usernames have to be different.

Tip: Make passwords simple so that employees can remember them. You may not want to use the same password for all users. In addition, it is easier to create new users on a desktop computer.


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