How To Add New Training Material Into PurpleCloud CR

Adding new training material to PurpleCloud CR is both easy and beneficial.

Adding training videos, documentation, and images to PurpleCloud CR provides all users access to the materials which will help reduce paper while increasing productivity.

To add new training material to PurpleCloud CR, log-in to PurpleCloud CR ( Next, click on the Training button on the purple toolbar:


Click on the "Create New Training" button to add new training material.


Fill out all fields including the Title, Description, and Role. Choose whether what you are uploading is a PDF, IMAGE or YOUTUBE/VIMEO. Click in the area labeled "Click to Select PDF" or "Select Image" to upload a PDF document or image. When adding a URL for Youtube or Vimeo, paste the Youtube or Vimeo URL in the "YouTube or Vimeo URL (click to set)" area. Finally, click on the "Create New Training" button.


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