PurpleCloud CR Welcome Email (Start Here)

Our team is excited for you to start using PurpleCloud CR!
PurpleCloud CR is a tool to help your organization and teams meet today's COVID-19 cleaning and safety protocols while streamlining communication and support for your hotel departments in real-time! Your login information and training videos on the best ways to use PurpleCloud CR are below!
PurpleCloud CR login Information: *Please use a desktop for your first login. Some tabs for managers aren't accessible on the mobile version.*
Log In Steps:
  1. Access: https://cr.purplecloudtech.com/login (Make sure to access PurpleCloud CR in GOOGLE CHROME. If you don't already have Google Chrome, download it here!)
  2. Enter Domain:
  3. Enter Username:
  4. Enter Password:
For admins, we suggest watching these getting started videos! They are loaded with best practices and include some tips and tricks!
PurpleCloud Success:
Our success team will be your main point of contact. They will be closely monitoring all feedback, questions, and concerns unless additional help is requested. PurpleCloud's success email address is here: success@purplecloudtech.com.
We've got you and your teams covered!
-The PurpleCloud Team
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