Setting Up Newly Purchased Devices For The First Time

  • Do you need a charging station to charge all devices at once or do you have a few long power strips that will do the job? If not, you may want to purchase either a charging station or power strips so that all devices can charge all at once each night.
  • Once the devices are received, please open the devices and ensure that each one works properly.
  • If you have purchased Samsung devices, you will not have to create a profile to install Google Chrome (Google Chrome is the only browser approved for PurpleCloud). Google Chrome should already be installed.
  • If you have purchased Apple devices, you will need to create an Apple ID first. You will now have to access the Apple Store and download Google Chrome and then sign-in with your newly created Apple ID to allow the download process to complete.

How to Install the PurpleCloud Shortcut onto Your Devices/Desktops:

  1. Once Google Chrome is installed on each device/desktop (, please open up Google Chrome and type the web address of Be sure to add the website as a bookmark and as a shortcut on the mobile screens/desktops. You will also utilize these steps to add PurpleCloud as a shortcut onto desktops as well. Purple Cloud is a website so nothing technical needs to be done to access the software other than what is mentioned above. 
  2. You can remove any unwanted apps from the mobile devices so that your staff only sees the PurpleCloud icon and also the Camera feature (This is optional).
  3. The camera feature is crucial to PurpleCloud and will be needed to get the most out of the software so please do not remove it.

Whitelisting the MAC Addresses on your Network:

  1. You will need to connect all devices to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Once all of the devices have been connected, you can now look for the MAC addresses. These MAC addresses will need to be sent to your Internet Service Provider so they can whitelist them. if you have the ability to whitelist yourself, please do so.
  3. You can find the MAC address under your device settings.

A. Here are the steps to find the WiFi MAC address on an iPhone (

B. The steps to access the WiFi MAC address of an Android device can be found here (

  1. Please notate the MAC addresses and send it to your Internet Service Provider or if you have the ability to whitelist these addresses, go ahead and do so.

Your WiFi Network:

  1. We recommend connecting the devices to a WiFi network separate from your guest network. This will ensure optimal speeds throughout the day (This is optional).
  2. We recommend internet speeds no less than 15 Mbps.
  3. Be sure to whitelist all devices before training. Whitelisting the devices will make your life much easier. If a device disconnects from the network for whatever reason, the end-user will not have to retype the password to access the network again. The device will reconnect automatically.



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