Steps To Import The Room Status Inquiry Report (CSV) Into PurpleCloud (OnQ)

1. Log into OnQ (Front Desk)

2. Click on “Reports” at the top

3. Select "All Reports" on the left side

4. Select the “Rooms Status Inquiry” report from the list

5. Highlight the report by clicking on it one time (Do not double-click)

6. Click the “Preview” Button


7. After selecting Preview, click the Envelope (Export)


8. Next, export the report as a Comma Separated Value (CSV). Save the file onto your desktop or into a folder where you can find it easily


9. Locate the Room Status Inquiry report (CSV file) on your desktop or in the folder where you saved it.

10. Login to PurpleCloud

11. Click on the Settings button on the Main toolbar in PurpleCloud


12. Locate the box to drag and drop your CSV file or you can click inside the box and search for the CSV file that is saved on the computer:


13. You can also click inside of the box and browse to find your file as well.

14. Once the file finishes importing, always press the REFRESH button.

15. This file will need to be uploaded every 30 minutes to every hour to keep PurpleCloud in-sync with OnQ.


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