New PurpleCloud Enhancements and Features (May 2019)

The Home Page

  • The homepage has been reorganized and now has a cleaner look and feel.
  • The House Count filters for vacant vs. occupied rooms have been updated with the correct colors (White for vacant rooms and black for occupied rooms).


The Messaging Area

  • The messaging area has now been reduced to a button. You can expand the messaging area, simply by clicking the envelope button (located at bottom right corner of the screen) and reduce it by clicking outside of the messaging area (See Example 1).

  • On the mobile and desktop views, you will be notified that a newly created message(s) is now available for you to view. (See the two examples in Example 2).

Refreshing The Web Page

Performance Updates

  • We have decreased loading times substantially for numerous tabs.
  • You should see visible speed increases.
*We strongly recommend that you contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and increase the speed of your internet to at least 20 mbps for all devices that are used for PurpleCloud. Increasing your internet speed will enhance your employees' experience with the software. In addition, if you have not whitelisted the devices on your network, we strongly recommend that you do so as well with your ISP. You can run a speed test by accessing on your device(s) or you can simply open your Google browser on a device and type speed test in the address bar and then click on "Run Speed Test".
New Feature
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