Device Recommendation, Best Practices and Checklist (Complete Before Training)

We recommend tablets for Managers and Supervisors, and Phones for Housekeepers and Engineers. Front Desk and most managers will utilize their desktop computers to access PurpleCloud. To make life easier on you, Android devices are recommended since Google Chrome is installed on their devices. If you purchase Apple products, you will have to create an Apple ID and log in to each device to add Google Chrome which can be very time-consuming.

 Device Best Practices/Checklist:·

  • Phones should have durable cases and screen protectors.
  • Tablets should have durable cases with shoulder straps.
  • All devices should be in a secure location with a lockable charging station.
  • Dual charging ports are great for saving space.
  • (Optional: Device managing tool to track all devices. This is set up and managed exclusively by the property.
  • All devices need to be whitelisted with your Internet Service Provider
  • Google Chrome should be installed and made the default browser if possible
  • All devices should have a shortcut to the PurpleCloud website on the Home screen:
  • Users will receive their login information during training.
  • As a best practice, all other apps (i.e. social media apps) should be disabled including YouTube.
  • An employee device policy should be in place to manage the use of devices and expectations.

 All devices must be purchased and set up before the proposed training date.

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