PurpleCloud Guide - Getting Started With PurpleCloud

The PurpleCloud team would like to thank you for purchasing our software over our competitors. You chose this software because it is innovative, user-friendly and cost-efficient. More importantly, we realize that your experience with this software will be greatly impacted by how you utilize the features available to you and we want to make sure that you receive the full benefits of this program.

Accessing PurpleCloud From Your Device(s)

PurpleCloud is web-based. This means that as long as you have a device that can access the internet, you will have access to PurpleCloud. You can access PurpleCloud from your office, the comfort of your home or even while on vacation (if that is your thing).

You will need to download Google Chrome since PurpleCloud only works effectively with this browser. You can download Google Chome from here:

  1. Android Devices
  2. Apple Products
  3. Windows Products
  4. Or Simply Click Here

Once Google Chrome is downloaded, you can now open up the browser and access PurpleCloud by typing in the following into the address bar at the top: app.purplecloudtech.com.

After finding the website, you will be presented with a purple sign-in page:


If you do not know your login information, please see your PurpleCloud Champion or contact our support team at support@purplecloudtech.com.


After Logging Into PurpleCloud

In my opinion, logging into PurpleCloud is the hardest thing about this software. I am sure that you have a million usernames and passwords to keep up with. Now you have a million and one.

Upon entering the software, you will notice the purple or blue main toolbar at the top (some people see Purple some see Blue).


Home button – The Home button is just that. If you get lost in the software, simply click on the Home button. You will be redirected to the page that you are currently on.

Gallery button – This houses all photos that are taken with PurpleCloud. DND signs, furniture damage, smoking damage, lost and found are just some of the photos that can be taken and stored inside of the system. Please remember that all photos are stored forever on PurpleCloud servers so please remind your team members to use the photo feature wisely.

Training button – This button allows you to store PDF documents, images, and Youtube/Vimeo videos under one location. Instead of fumbling with multiple sites or trying to find documents, you can simply upload your training material here. This will reduce paper and save you time.

Employees button – All of your employees are listed under this button. This is where you will go to create, delete, inactivate, change passwords or change access for all of your employees.

Who’s Where – PurpleCloud allows you to keep track of your housekeepers, engineers and service persons (housemen) and their location. We do not have a tracking device or any type of tracking software. We simply rely on the users and the software to make this happen. More details will come a little later

Room Assignments – This is where you will see all room assignments for your housekeepers, engineers and service persons (housemen). Anytime you assign electronic boards in PurpleCloud, you will be able to see all assignments under this button. Please keep this in mind for later.

Reports – You can create messages, create and complete checklists and preventative maintenance tasks inside of PurpleCloud. More importantly, you can keep track of the items that have been created, completed and even not completed by running reports in the system.

Manage Checklists – As stated above, checklists and preventative maintenance can be created for any or all departments. Once you access this button, you will see filters at the top: All, SR, HK, MN, FD, EN, and SP. These filters pertain to your departments.

SR = Senior Role or a housekeeper who can inspect their own rooms or is considered a supervisor

HK = Housekeeping

MN = Manager

FD = Front Desk

EN = Engineering

SP = Service Person or Housemen

All = All departments

You can create “in-room” and “out of room” checklists here and assign it to all or specific departments.

Complete Checklists – This button houses any checklists that you deem to be Out of Room checklists or out of room Preventative Maintenance. As a manager, you will see those items here.

Analytics – Not everyone has access to Analytics. If you do not see this button, then you will need to ask your superior for permission to access this report. Your superior can reach out to support (support@purplecloudtech.com) to provide you this access once we receive approval. Analytics will provide more robust details as to how your staff is performing with the software. Analytics gives you clean times of the housekeepers, gives you a more in-depth look into how messages are being created and if they are even being completed. The charts and graphics are colorful but detailed compare to the reports provided under the Reports button.

Notes – We provide a notes section so that you can store your own private thoughts here. I would not personally add in personal notes but you can utilize this field to add in notes regarding PurpleCloud or any other items that you may forget.

Settings – Settings is the big elephant in the room. Anything you change in here will affect everyone that uses PurpleCloud. So be careful what you change here. It may be good to dedicate one person that can make changes inside of settings. Unfortunately, all managers will have access to Settings and there is no way to lock that down as of yet.

*Red Emergency button – All staff members have access to press this button but it is truly meant for those that will be working the floor (housekeepers, engineers and service persons). Once they enter into a room on their device, if there is an emergency they can push the button and a message will be sent to all PurpleCloud users at your hotel and any managers that set up their cell phone numbers under the Employees button will receive a text message notifying them of the emergency and the location of the emergency

*Disclaimer – The emergency button is meant for minor emergency purposes only. If there is a major emergency, then 911 is the best option to use.

mceclip0.pngGreen WIFI Signal – The WIFI signal is located at the top right of PurpleCloud. If the signal is green, then that indicates that you are connected to the internet successfully. If it turns red, then that will indicate that you are not connected to the internet.


Filters Toolbar


Click on the Home button again. Below the blue or purple main toolbar, you will see a welcome message with your first name along with the date but if you move your eyes to the far right, you will notice Filters. Anytime that you want to filter what is on your current screen or access dates for reports, you will need to press the filters drop-down button to expand the option. On the homepage, you will be able to filter by building floors, location, type, status, icons (needs, requests, work orders, etc. that are attached to the room), assigned rooms, occupancy, and departments. You can also create filters and save them. If you do save a filter, please be mindful that the filter will follow you from page to page. So, if something looks off or is not right, you may have a filter applied. To get rid of the filter, simply click on the Clear Saved button.



Operation Buttons


The black buttons underneath the Filters toolbar are called operation buttons.

Show Legend button – This button tells you what the colors of each room indicate along with the colors of the font:


Black letters = Occupied (A shadow is in the room)

White letters = Vacant (No shadow is in the room)

Guest List – If your PMS system has access to your guest names, title, first and last names, VIP status, pets, language and arrival, and departure dates, then upon the synchronization of PurpleCloud with your PMS software, you will be able to see these items in PurpleCloud as well under this button.

Preventative Maintenance Scores – If you create preventative maintenance checklists under the Manage Checklists button, and assign points at the creation of the checklist, then you will be able to see the scores of those checklists for each room under this button.

Assign Staff – This is where managers or specifically your Executive Housekeeper will assign rooms to other housekeepers and service persons. You now have the ability to auto-assign rooms, floors, and buildings to specific housekeepers. You can only auto-assign floors and building to service persons and engineers or you can manually select which rooms you would like to assign to each person.

Change Status – You can change the status of a room from vacant to occupied or vice versa under this button. You can also change whether a room is dirty, inspected, picked up clean, out-of-service or out-of-order. You can even change the departure date of the guests as well. If you make changes inside of your PMS, then simply syncing your PMS system with PurpleCloud will also change the status of your rooms automatically.


 House Count


Underneath the operation buttons is the house count area. This area breaks down your total dirty, pick-up, clean, inspected, out of service and out of order rooms. The buttons are clickable filters as well. For example, you could click on the 21 vacant dirty rooms in your house count area, then scroll further down in the window and see the 21 vacant dirty rooms under the area overview. If you click on the 6 occupied inspected rooms and scrolled down to the area overview, you would see the 6 occupied inspected rooms as well. To see all of the rooms again, simply refresh your browser or click on another clickable filter to turn it off.

Area Overview


The area overview provides a glimpse of all rooms at your property. The color of each room is determined by your PMS software that syncs with PurpleCloud. If your property is set up with a two-way integration (between PurpleCloud and your PMS software), then the status of your rooms will instantly update no matter if the changes are happening in your PMS software or in PurpleCloud. If you do not have an integration, then the process that was given to you by PurpleCloud will need to be followed to sync your PMS software with our system to update the statuses of all rooms.



In addition to the colors of the rooms and font, please pay special attention to the icons located on the rooms as well.

mceclip7.png = Guest is waiting to check-in

mceclip9.png = Need and/or request is attached to the room

mceclip10.png = Early check-in request

mceclip11.png = Work order is attached to the room

mceclip12.png = PM cleaning requested

mceclip13.png = Guest has checked out

mceclip14.png = Out of order/service room has an underlying status of clean

mceclip15.png = Out of order/service room has an underlying status of dirty

mceclip16.png = Out of order/service room has an underlying status of inspected

mceclip17.png = Out of order/service room has an underlying status of pick-up

mceclip19.png or mceclip20.png (DND or Strikethrough) = Do not disturb

mceclip21.png or mceclip22.png (RS or Multiple lines) = Guest Refused Service

Inside Rooms


Next, we are going to explain the rooms. Once you click on any room inside of PurpleCloud, you will notice additional icons. DND (If you are in an occupied room), Enter Room, Guest Info, Change Log, Add Photo, Clean Time, Refused Service, PM Cleaning, Guest Checked Out, Change Status, Send Quick Pick Message, and who the room is assigned to. You may also notice incomplete work orders that may be still be pending. Let’s break down these items to explain how they function. Please note, the housekeepers, engineers and service persons will notice the same exact icon on their devices too.


mceclip24.png DND – The first button you will notice once you access an occupied room is the DND button. When a housekeeper accesses an occupied room from their device, they will see this button too. Once a housekeeper goes to a room and notices a DND sign on a customer’s door, they can simply click on the room number to open the room up in PurpleCloud and then click on the DND button. Once the button is clicked, the housekeeper will be prompted to take a photo. They can simply click inside of the Image box and then the camera will be activated on their device. The housekeeper can then take a photo of the room number and DND sign on the door to prove that a DND sign was on the door when the housekeeper came to clean the room. The housekeeper does not have to take a picture but it is an option. Even if a picture is not taken, the system will document when the DND button was pressed and if turned off, it will time and date stamp that as well. Simply running a report will reveal rooms that had DNDs added and/or removed.

mceclip25.png Enter Room – Only managers will see the Enter Room button when accessing a room. Housekeepers, engineers and service persons will not see this button. As soon as they click on the room on their company issued device, they are considered in the room automatically and their timer starts to track how long it takes them to clean and mark the room as clean inside of PurpleCloud

mceclip26.png Guest Info - If your PMS system has access to your guest names, title, first and last names, VIP status, pets, language and arrival and departure dates, then upon the synchronization of PurpleCloud with your PMS software, you will be able to see these items in PurpleCloud as well under this button.

mceclip27.png Change Log – The Change Log button will house logs that pertain to the particular room you are in. It will show when a HK entered a room, the time that they left the room, when the status of the room changed from dirty to clean and even when and who assigned the room. This feature only stores 2 days worth of data at a time.

mceclip28.png Add Photo – All departments are able to utilize this feature, as long as they have access to PurpleCloud. By clicking on a room and then clicking on Add Photo button, you can now take pictures of DND signs, furniture damage, smoking damage, lost and found, surfaces that need to be repainted, etc. All photos will be stored under the Gallery button on the main toolbar.

mceclip29.png Clean Time – Once rooms are assigned to housekeepers, clean times will show inside of the assigned room. This indicates to the housekeeper to the housekeeper that is assigned to this particular room how much time it should take to clean this particular room. The timer starts as soon as they click the room to open it. Please let your housekeepers and senior staff know that as soon as they unlock the room’s door to clean it, they should then click on the room number in PurpleCloud to start their timer. They can then, set the phone down until they finish the room. Once they finish cleaning the room, they will need to pick their device back up and change the status from dirty to clean in the Change Status field and then click on the Leave Room button to stop the timer.

mceclip30.png Complete Checklist – If management creates checklists inside of PurpleCloud under the Checklists button on the main toolbar, the housekeepers, engineers and service persons will see those in-room checklists under the Complete Checklist button inside of a room. Only the in-room checklists will be seen here. All departments will not see the same checklists. Only checklists that are assigned to the specified department will see the checklists. For instance, if you create a new checklist called “In-room Engineer Checklist” under the Manage Checklists button on the main toolbar and you assign it to the engineering department, then only the engineering department will see this checklist. If you specify a checklist to be seen by All departments, then all departments will see the same checklist.

mceclip31.png Refused Service – The Refused Service checkbox is there just in case the housekeeper is met with a customer that does not want service. They can simply click on the room in PurpleCloud and check the box.

mceclip32.png PM Cleaning – If your hotel offers PM cleaning and a guest requests this type of cleaning, your housekeeper can simply click on the room to access it and then check the PM cleaning box. Clicking this box will add an icon to the room as a reminder to your PM staff that this room is scheduled to be cleaned later in the day.

mceclip33.png Guest Check Out – If a housekeeper walks into an occupied room but noticed that the guest has checked out, they can check this box and send it to anyone on the list that pops up. The system will then generate a message that the front desk can check. The front desk can now check the guest out in your PMS software.

mceclip34.png Change Status – The majority of rooms that will be assigned to the housekeepers will be Dirty rooms. Once the housekeepers finish cleaning the rooms, they must change the status of the room from Dirty to Clean. The inspectress or inspector must change the room from Clean to Inspected once the room has been completely inspected.

mceclip35.png Send Quick Pick Message(s) – Anyone that has access to PurpleCloud can send in room messages. These messages are created under settings and allows everyone to send work orders, needs, and requests to the proper departments without having to type out anything. All you have to do is click on the drop-down and select the appropriate message. That’s it! The messages are preassigned under the Settings button on the main toolbar.


Needs – All needs are designed to go to service persons (SP) department

Requests – All requests are designed to go to the housekeeping (HK) department

Work Orders – All work orders are designed to go to the engineering (EN) department

You can also create messages in the messaging window and that will be explained further down.

mceclip36.png Assigned Room – Once the management team or executive housekeeper assigns room to housekeepers, service persons or engineers, you will be able to see who is assigned to the room once you open up the room. You will also be able to see room assignments under the Room Assignments button on the main toolbar.

mceclip37.png Open Work Orders – If there are any open work orders attached to the room, you will see it listed under the assigned staff name.


mceclip38.pngPending Requests and Photos – If there are any pending/open request(s) or any pictures attached to the room that you are in and if the request has not been completed, you will see them at the bottom of the room’s page. The request can be completed and closed out by clicking to the Open status drop-down and select Done. Only the HK (Housekeeping) department will have access to this.

Messages (In-Room vs. Out-of-Room Messages)

I am sure that you and your staff utilize the walkie talkies to communicate issues throughout the hotel, whether it be about stopped-up plumbing, a guest requesting assistance with luggage or even a simple message of where are you. If the front desk members are working the desk and have to send out a message on the walkie talkie, then they may have to do it in front of the guests which may give a bad first impression.


In-room Messages (Click to open any room and send a QuickPick Message):          


Out of room messages AKA Within messaging area (Click the envelope icon at the bottom right corner of your screen and click inside of the Message area to create a Need, Request, Work Order or Message:


PurpleCloud has a messaging feature that can minimize the amount of walkie talkie usage between departments. Let’s face it, messages through the walkie talkie can go unanswered, lost in translation or simply forgotten. The messaging feature in PurpleCloud solves these issues because all messages are logged in the software and messages can even be translated into 6 different languages. In addition, this feature provides a more discreet way to send messages to different departments or even individuals all while tracking the progress of those items as well.

All Needs, Requests and Work Orders that are sent through PurpleCloud allows managers who have added their cell phone numbers under their profile in the Employees button on the main toolbar to receive a text message when the item is coming due or right before it turns to overdue. This keeps management in the know and also helps you to remind your team members to close those work orders in a timely manner.

There are two ways to send messages in PurpleCloud. We have in-room messages that can be sent by simply clicking on the room and locating the QuickPick Message drop-down and the system auto-sends the message. We also have out of room messages (also known as with-in messaging area). You and your staff are able to create messages through the envelope icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. Simply click on the envelope icon to expand the messaging area and then click in the black “Message” area. This action will enlarge the message area and allow you to create action items (Needs, Requests and Work Orders) and even to simply type out a message that may not be in the Quick Pick Message drop-down!

Reports and Analytics

All managers will have access to reports but not everyone will have access to analytics. We will need approval to from a GMs and or the AGM to provide others with access to analytics.

The reporting feature in PurpleCloud has a range of reports to choose from. Some notable reports to run would include the Search All Messages, Messages by Sender, Daily Overview and Checklist Results.

When click on a report, please remember that you must click on the Filters button at the top right area of PurpleCloud and this will expand the area for you to choose your date range and other filters as well. Please remember that you do not have to add an end date if looking for data from a past date until the current date.

If you have access to analytics, you will notice the button on the main toolbar at the top of PurpleCloud. Click on the drop-down at the top and you will notice different reports in the field. Select your report and then select your date range to run the report.

You are able to download or export data from the analytics screen. Click on the More Options button at the top right corner of the analytics page:




Settings is where you customize the software for your property. Please remember that if you make any changes in settings, it will affect all PurpleCloud users at your hotel.

The only areas under settings that may need your attention are the following:

  • Area to drag a CSV file if you do not have a two-way integration. If you do have a two-way integration, then you will not need to do anything in this area.
  • New Day button (You can schedule the system to run a new day automatically or you can simply click it each day before utilizing the software). The new day button has to be pressed each day (If not set to run automatically) so that it clears out old data from the previous day.
  • Time zone
  • How many rooms are available for pickup – for the housekeeping department.
  • Auto-assign housemen to strip room and take out the trash when housekeepers run behind by 15 minutes or more
  • Room to room travel time
  • Building to building travel time – If you have multiple buildings that your staff have to travel to, you can set the building to building travel time which will add more time to the housekeepers’ average clean times. If you only have one building, then you can add a zero to this field.
  • Session timeout (Change to 480 minutes so that PurpleCloud does not log out users during work hours. Be sure to click on save)
  • Total allowed break time (If you will utilize this feature) – There is a break feature in PurpleCloud that is optional to use.
  • Clean time calculations – You can determine the time allowed to clean each room type.
  • Daily projects and alerts (You will have to manage this daily)- You can send notification to the engineering, housekeeping and service person departments. They will see the notification in PurpleCloud once they login to the software.
  • HK sub role settings (minutes) – this allows you to dictate how many minimum and maximum hours can be set for the housekeepers’ boards.
  • Custom Quick Pick Messages – This is where you can create additional quick pick messages for the in-room and out of room messaging areas. If you want the same message to be in both areas, then you will need to create the same message twice.


New Day button


Understanding how the New Day button works is critical as this affects all departments that utilize PurpleCloud. Under Settings, you will find the New Day button. This button has to be pressed when starting a new day in PurpleCloud.


The New Day button actually clears out Priorities, DNDs, and previous work Assignments that may have been created and assigned the previous day. This button will ensure that the DNDs are removed from all rooms that were assigned this status, move all incomplete Work Orders, Requests and Needs under the orange Open Items button in the messaging area (See Example 1 below) and it clears out all Rush Rooms, Go Green rooms, etc. Although the New Day button clears many items, it does not clear out everything needed to start a new day. That is why it is vital to ensure that the First Import box is selected after running a New Day and right before uploading the first CSV file of the day.


You do have the ability to set the New Day to run automatically. Simply access PurpleCloud, click on the Settings button on the Main Toolbar and then locate the New Day button area. Click in “Set New Time” and change the hour hand to 4 AM or 5 AM and then move the minute hand to whatever you would like. Please ensure that the time for AM and not PM. Click on “OK”. Again, please ensure that the time is set for AM. Next, click on “Save New Day Autorun Time” (See Example 2). The New Day will not automatically run until the following day.

Example 1:


Example 2:



First Import of the Day checkbox


Now that we have learned a little more about what the New Day button resets, it is imperative that we learn about the First Import of the Day box. Not only will you need to click the New Day button at the start of a new day but you will also need to confirm that the First Import of the Day box is checked afterward.

The “First Import of the Day” box should automatically be checked after running a New Day; however, this will need to be verified before uploading the first CSV Import file. If this box is not checked for some reason, then it will need to be checked because the First Import of the Day is what actually completes the New Day process.

The First Import of the Day clears out all previous room statuses from the previous day. Basically, the rooms that were turned to Clean or Inspected will now be reset to Dirty after the CSV file Import completes, but it will only reset the rooms if the First Import of the Day box was selected before the CSV Import. If you upload a CSV file and the rooms are still showing as Clean or Inspected, then you will need to check the First Import of the Day button and then reimport the Rooms Status Inquiry report (Or Similar report if not using OnQ) into PurpleCloud.

You will need to drag your CSV file to this area after saving the file to your desktop or any other folder on your PC:


If you have a two-way integration, then you do not need to import a CSV file or any other files. You will simply need to click the New Day button or set it to automatically run and that is it.

Steps For A Successful Day In PurpleCloud

  1. The Night Auditor, Front Desk Associate or Executive Housekeeper should ensure that the New Day ran. The New Day button can be found under the Settings button on the Main toolbar. If New Day did not run, someone will need to run it. Please coordinate with all departments to determine who or which department will be responsible for running the New Day or simply set it to run automatically. If you click on the New Day button one time (DO NOT RUN IT), the box that populates will indicate when the New Day last ran and by whom.
  2. Ensure that the “First Import of Day” box is checked after running or ensuring the New Day ran. If “First Import of the Day” is not checked, please check it.
  3. Next, you will need to export your Room Status Inquiry report (if not using OnQ, then any similar report that shows all room status) to your desktop and save it. Drag and drop the file into the box under “First Import of the Day”. Please wait for the file to complete and then click on the Refresh button.
  4. The Executive Housekeeper is now able to assign dirty rooms to the Housekeepers. Simply click on the Home button and then click on the black “Assign Staff button” (Operation button). mceclip48.png
  5. You can manually assign rooms to your housekeepers or you could use the Autoassign HK button to allow the system to randomly assign rooms (Please contact a PurpleCloud support representative to ensure that your system is set up to utilize the Autoassign button efficiently). To manually assign rooms, simply click on the housekeeper name (One at a time) and click on each dirty room that you want to assign to that housekeeper and then click on Save Assignments. Start with the next housekeeper and continue until all dirty rooms are assigned. You can see all Room Assignments under the Room Assignments button on the Main Toolbar. You can also assign floors or building to your Service persons (SP) and Engineers (EN) as well.
  6. After the rooms are assigned, you can pass out devices to your housekeepers, service persons and engineers. Ensure that they sign the devices out.
  7. Inform your housekeepers and service persons to turn on their devices and log in to PurpleCloud. Click on Menu at the top and click on Room Assignments. They will see their assigned rooms here.
  8. Inform the housekeepers to click on the room on their phone as soon as they open the door to the room that they are about to clean. This starts their timer. As soon as they finish cleaning the room, they are to change the status of the room from Dirty to Clean and send any messages, work orders, needs or requests as needed and then exit the room by clicking on the Leave Room button.
  9. The service persons (SP) should monitor and listen for notifications on their phone for any needs and messages that come through. The housekeepers should be on the lookout for requests and messages that come through and engineers are to look out for work orders and messages.
  10. Housekeepers and Inspectors are to check due out rooms as “Guest Checked Out”. This will create a message under Pending Vacancies. Front Desk should monitor this area to check out Guests in your PMS software. mceclip49.png
  11. Once a Need, Request or Work order has been completed, the assigned person must click on the Done button inside of the message. This will notify management that this item has been completed.
  12. The front desk associates and managers should add needs, requests, work orders and messages as needed.
  13. Inspectors should change inspected rooms from clean to inspected.
  14. Upload the CSV file hourly until check-outs die down and then you can upload every 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs. Uploading the CSV file, especially in the morning time, is critical because this will ensure that all rooms have the correct statuses (This step only applies to OnQ PMS software users).
  15. If you utilize a PurpleCloud integrated PMS software (Maestro, Opera, Jonas, etc.) you will not have to worry about the step above. Your PMS software will update PurpleCloud instantly with all changes without any without you having to do anything on your end.
  16. At the end of the day, ensure that all rooms have been cleaned and make sure the inspected rooms have been inspected. Please ensure that all messages are completed. Some work orders may need to be worked on at a later date. Just remember that those messages will be rolled up under Open Items in the messaging area and can be retrieved on a future date: mceclip50.png
  17. Collect all devices and makes sure the devices are signed in.
  18. Charge all devices for the next day
  19. Repeat the process and make PurpleCloud your own. This is your software not. Tweak and make changes as needed that will benefit you and your team.


Please contact our support team with any feedback, questions or concerns. We are available Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 6 PM EST. Our email address is support@purplecloudtech.com.

We thank you for purchasing PurpleCloud and look forward to servicing you.

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