New Features and Improvements (August 2019)

New Auto-assigning Feature

  • You have spoken and we've delivered! Assigning rooms is now much easier!
  • You now are able to auto-assign rooms to the housekeeping (HK) department with just a click of one button.
  • Entire floors and building(s) can now be assigned to inspectors (SR) and service person (SP) departments so that they are assigned a list of rooms.
  • Assigning rooms manually is still an option for all departments.
  • The auto-assign feature will evenly distribute rooms based upon maximum hours for the housekeeping department (set in organization settings).
  • Our support team can work with you to help configure the settings appropriately if they have not yet been configured.
  • Click here to see how it works:

Auto-assigning Specific Rooms and Buildings (Housekeeping)

  • PurpleCloud can randomly select room assignments or you can specify which rooms and/or buildings you would like the system to assign automatically.
  • To set specific rooms, simply click on the Employees button and select a housekeeper from the list. Scroll down and you will notice that you have the ability to select and set which building(s) and/or rooms are assigned by PurpleCloud when utilizing the auto-assign feature.
  • Please click here to see an example of how to set up a housekeeper's profile:

PurpleCloud Improvements

  • Text message alerts now contain more details.
  • Text message alerts will no longer be sent after logging out of PurpleCloud (The application does not need to be opened but once you logout, you will stop receiving text messaging alerts).
  • To receive text messages please make sure you have your cell phone number entered under your name in the "employees" tab

  • Actual clean times will now be displayed on the housekeeper boards as hours and minutes (ex. 1 hour 26 minutes) as opposed to 1.43 hours.

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