New PurpleCloud Enhancements and Features (April 2019)


  • "Checklists" renamed "Manage Checklists" - It is now easier to distinguish the difference between where you create checklists (Manage Checklists) vs. where to complete checklists (Complete Checklists).
  • CSV Import has Moved to the Top - The CSV Import area was moved closer to the top of the settings tab for quicker access.
  • Redesigned Checklists - Category is now Bolded, Text is much larger, Buttons are much easier to read and Fits perfectly on smaller devices (i.e. smart phones).

Performance Updates

  • Repaired offline mode which was causing some users to be logged in to Offline mode instead of Online mode initially
  • We have decreased loading time substantially for numerous tabs
  • You should see visible speed increases

New Features

  • It is now easier to find which rooms you have saved or completed checklists in through the agenda tab (EN, HK, SR, and SPs)
  • Whenever you save a checklist for later (in-room or out-of-room) they will also appear in the "Complete Checklist" tab
  • You can quickly resume the checklist from that tab or from within the room when you're ready to complete the checklist

Analytics Dashboard (Room Assignments)

  • You can now view room assignments for specific dates (can filter by date)
  • Search by housekeeper, room number, etc.
  • See which HK, EN, SR, or SP was assigned the room


Analytics Dashboard (Detailed Logs)

  • See a list of all DNDs sent (turned on or off)
  • See a list of all Rush rooms that were sent
  • See a list of all Refused Service Rooms
  • See a list of all “I need help” messages sent by housekeepers

Here is a short video of how Analytics looks now:

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