Product Update - March 21, 2019

This update includes:

  • Housekeeping Speed Improvements: Performance enhancements to the housekeeping module to reduce load time and improve speed.


  • Rollback Feature (Revert Back to Previous Time): We have added the ability to roll back to a previous time for old room assignments. This makes it easy to reset housekeeping boards if someone accidentally clears room assignments. You can pick which hour and minute you want to go back to and the system will reset the assignments to what they were at that time.


  • Assigning Feature Update: We removed the ability to click on rooms and not select a name from the employee list (like for an (SR) or Inspector assignment) before pressing "Save". The "Save" button will not show up unless both rooms and an employee name is selected. This way nobody can accidentally delete housekeeping assignments while making (SR) or Inspector assignments manually.


  • Who's Where: We have fixed the department filter in the Who's Where screen.
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