Work Orders and Google Calendar

Work Orders can now be connected with Google Calendar in Chrome!

Getting Started

You must first have a Gmail Account or a Google Account to use Work Orders in the Google Calendar.

Set up a New Gmail or Google Account


Link Work Orders To Your Google Calendar!

With multiple tasks to complete each day, it is easy to overlook or to simply forget about work orders in the Message Queue.
To help Engineers work more efficiently and handle work orders promptly, work orders can now be linked directly to your Google Calendar.
The Google Calendar offers a way to see all approaching work orders at a glance (In a calendar view) as well as offering additional features like setting reminders. If you need to complete a work order in the future (i.e. need to order parts or bring in a contractor), it is easier to see which date the work order is scheduled for and to see it approaching on your own calendar.
Although linking the Google Calendar with work orders is a bonus feature, it is still important to update the status of each work order as it is in progress or once completed in PurpleCloud for accurate reporting data.


Add Future Preventative Maintenance Items To Your Google Calendar

Watch a quick video for Preventative Maintenance

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