Messaging Training

1. Engineers can send messages in two different ways. The In-Room option has a Quick Pick drop-down menu which stores common items related to the rooms. These messages were pre-loaded by the management team and more can be added to the list. When a Quick Pick item is selected, it is automatically sent to the proper staff member.


The other way is through the Messaging area which can be accessed by clicking on the envelope icon at the top left area of PurpleCloud.



2. Once in the Message area, at the bottom of the screen is a black message bar. Click in the black Message box to open it up.



3. A black box will pop up, like below.



4. The minimum to send out a message, staff members must be selected within the Select Users menu box and a message must be typed into the Message box on the bottom. To select a staff member, click on the Select Users box and either type out their name or scroll down and find them. Messages can also be sent out to multiple users and departments.

Screen_Shot_2017-04-06_at_12.19.37_PM.png                  Screen_Shot_2017-04-06_at_12.21.08_PM.png


5. The messages box also has a Quick Pick selection area for common messages. Depending on the Quick Pick message, there will be more information that is needed to route the item properly.

Screen_Shot_2017-04-06_at_12.25.21_PM.png     Screen_Shot_2017-04-06_at_12.27.42_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2017-04-06_at_12.27.11_PM.png


6. To create custom action items such as a Need, Request, or Work Order, select the Create Action Item at the top of the messaging box.



7. The Create Action Item drop-down menu will pop up to let you choose what action item you want to create.



8. Depending on which Action Item is selected, there are different fields that will need to be filled out. For work orders, a staff member needs to be chosen. At the bottom, a timeframe can be selected to let individuals know when the item will be overdue.



9. For Messages and Action Items, an image can be uploaded to provide more details surrounding the message. 



10. Once all the information is filled out, select the Paper Airplane icon on the right side of the message box to send it.


11. At any time, the message can be canceled by selecting "Cancel Message" at the top of the message box.


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