In Room Picture Upload Training

Pictures can be uploaded in a couple different areas: Messaging, In Room View, and in Checklists. The process is similar for all of them. Here we will outline the In Room Picture Uploading.

1. In the In Room view, first select the Add Photo icon.


3. A pop-up box will appear. Select anywhere within the Image box.



4. Another pop-up box will appear allowing you to choose how you would like to upload the picture. You can choose to take a new picture or upload an already existing one you may have taken earlier. Select which way you wold like to upload the image.



5. The image file name will appear in the image box to let you know it was successfully loaded.



6. After the picture is loaded, staff can choose to select the box next to Create Workorder if the picture is for Engineering. If selected, a Workorder will be automatically created and sent to the Engineering Department. If left unchecked, the image will be saved in the gallery.



7. Below the Workorder Checkbox, staff must select the Photo Type and type in a Description. To pick a picture type, select Picture Type and a drop down menu will appear. Select one.

HK_In_Room_Picture_Type_and_Desc.png                  HK_In_Room_Picture_Type.png


8. After selecting a picture type, select Photo Description and type in a description for the photo. Select save or Cancel to move on.


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