Cielo-Opera Interface Monitoring Via Cielo

We've built in several interface-monitoring tools directly into the Cielo interface for all of the hotel's management to be aware. 

Directly on the manager's homescreen you will see these two buttons. 

These two buttons represent the status of both Interface 1 and Interface 2.  These two buttons should be green and say OK | OK on both sides at all times.  This means the interfaces are both up and running and working well. 

If these buttons are yellow or red this is a sign that the interface is either currently restarting or is not communicating. 

The best thing to do in this case is to try to manually restart the interfaces on property through the Opera interface module. 

If this does not help, check to make sure that all of the correct windows within the server are up and running properly. 

The server should always be running the following three programs:

  1. Ruby Module
  2. Baretail
  3. FileMaker Pro

If these three programs are not running make sure that you follow the steps within this article to ensure they are started:

If the interfaces have been restarted, and both sides of the interface button are green and displaying "OK|OK", it is usually a good idea to press Resync to ensure that all of the data has been pushed through to match. To Resync the interfaces click the Resync button in the top right corner. 

The quickest way to ensure that everything is now synced is to compare the house count on this screen with the house count in Opera.  If all matches up, and both of the interface buttons are showing green and "OK", you are all set.


There is also an area that displays the last time the system received information from the interfaces. This will change from green to red depending on how much time has elapsed since the last time data has been received.


To see detailed information on when the interface was restarted click on the two-sided interface button. 

A dropdown will appear with historical data displaying the last several days and times the interface had been restarted. 

 Within the pink box below you can see that on the 21st of January the interfaces had been restarted several times throughout the 2am-5am time period.  

If there is no information under the date, like on 1/24/2015 and 01/25/15, then the system did not restart that day. 

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