Status of Items

In this article we will discuss how to view and edit items within PurpleCloud after looking at the analytics provided by PurpleCloud Technologies. This tutorial will help you understand where this information is coming from in PurpleCloud and how to fix these issues, particularly how to close "open" items. 


1. In the picture below is a sample report of a Housekeeping dashboard that you just came from.

2. From PurpleCloud, to access the item assignment screen from the management homescreen, you'll start by clicking on the chat bubble on the top left corner of the all HK messages box. 

3. From the All messages screen, you'll need to click the reassign button on the bottom of the page.

4. This is the Item Assignment Screen. At the top, you will see from and to (this indicates who the assignment is coming from and who it is going to). You will also see the room number, the message sent, the incomplete items, time, and type of assignment.

5. There are multiple filters below the message list including: All, Request, Work Orders, Needs, Open and Unassigned. The “All” filter shows all items, whether they are assigned or unassigned. The Request, WorkOrders and Needs tabs filter show those types of items and the associates who can be assigned those items. The “Unassigned” tab shows all unassigned items and all of the associates who can be assigned to those items below.

5. The Open tab filter shows those items that were assigned but never closed. 

6. You can cancel assignments by clicking on the assignment and then clicking cancel.

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