Top Issues Analysis

In this article we will be walking through how to get to the top issues of your hotel after looking at the analytics we've provided. This tutorial will help you recognize and understand where this information is coming from and how to fix such issues. (The following process is the same for any issue we are just using lightout as an example)


1. In the picture below is a sample report of a Lightout dashboard that you just came from.


2. Here you will see the managerial home screen of PurpleCloud. From here you will click on the icon that says Report at the top of the screen.


3. Once you click on reports it will take you to this page and from here you will click on the icon that says "Find Msg Type".

4. From this screen, you can search what issue you are looking for in the "Search Everywhere String". (for this example we will type in light out) *You can also change the dates if you are looking for a specific period*


5. When the word string is searched a list of that issue will be displayed. It will also show who the message is for, who it came from, msg type, date, and if it was resolved.

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