Newest Version of Cielo- B67

We've added several new features in the past few versions.  Our most recent version is B_67.  This version includes additional turndown features, streamlined inspection screen, and the picture-to-workorder feature.


 The New Turndown Features Include:

One-click note taking for turndown staff: Click on the box to the right to describe what the note you'd like to record is. The note gets attached to the original turndown request for all Cielo users to be aware of.



Streamlined Inspection Screen:


This screen functions much like the Turndown list.  Within this screen you will see all rooms that are ready to be inspected, their departure information, and the time they became clean within our system.  Simply click on the room you'd like to inspect to begin inspection. 



Once you're in the room, the quickest way back to the inspection list is to simply click on the back arrow. 



Picture-To-Workorder Feature:

When you're in a room, and there is something you want to take a picture of simply click on the camera icon at the top of the header.  Take a picture like normal, save a clear description.  However, if you'd like your description to turn into a workorder, simply click on the "save as workorder" selection box.  When an X appears, your selection has been saved.  Click save to server, and you're done.  Now Engineering will receive an open workorder for the room you took the picture for and a picture icon will appear to show them there is a picture attached to the workorder.


Engineering can click on the picture icon within the workorder completion screen to be taken to the picture gallery.  If you click on the status button under the picture, you will be taken back to the completion screen to see notes and resources. 

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