CIELO B21- 04/01/14

  1. Previous Day Out of Order/Out of Services Room Status Display: To access this feature, simply click the word "Legend" to activate the popup on the left-side of the rooms overview screen.  This will show you what the status sticky that was last selected for OOS and OOO rooms yesterday within Cielo. 
  2. Bulk Messaging for Management: To find this layout, access your messaging screen from the blue chat bubble in either your Homescreen or the Rooms Overview. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the Bulk Messages button (see image below).  Simply click that button to pull up the Bulk Messaging screen.  From here, select all rooms you want to send a certain message to until they are highlighted gray and display orange text. Next select the quick message you want to send from the choices on the right.  With the Late Check-out and Breakfast options, you will need to select a time as well to attach to the message, you can choose the appropriate time when those options are selected. Press send once your choices have been made.  In your messaging screen you can assign any items that need assigning (for the bulk needs). For bulk-messages, they will already be sent directly to whoever is assigned to the room. 
  3. Go Green/ Refused Service Quick-Pick Messages(in-room): While you are within the room, click the "Quick Pick" drop-down.  If you select the Go GREEN or Refuse Service option, a pre-populated message will be displayed in the text field.  Press send if accurate.
  4. Updates to WHERE Screen:  The WHERE screen can be accessed through the By Housekeeper screen. This screen displays detailed location and software usage data.  You can view: login times, current location, the version of software being used, and the device they are using/used. 
  5. INTERFACE RESYNC: The "RESYNC" button is available to all managers in the top right of their homescreen.  If you notice a a discrepancy between Cielo and Opera, you can use this to force to make the systems match. When you click on RESYNC a popup message will appear (displayed below in the image). Select the "Guest Info" button to begin Interface 1 Resync. You will notice the text on the RESYNC button turns pink.  This means a resync is currently in progress.  Once this button goes back to black text, select "Room Status" to begin the sync on Interface 2.  Again the text will become pink while the sync is in process.  After the text returns to black, the full system resync is complete.  You should no longer have room discrepancies.  The quickest way to tell everything is matching is to compare the house status on Opera with the house count in Cielo's manager homescreen.  
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