Cielo B05- 03/25/14

Changes to Cielo B05 include:

  • Out of Order/Service- Overview Status Stickies:  Non-opera interfacing status updates for rooms that are OOO or OOS.  Since housekeepers are assigned rooms these types of rooms to clean, you will now be able to view whether the OOO/OOS room is clean, dirty or inspected right off of the Overview Screen. The little blue circles are clean, red circles are dirty, and green circles display inspected statuses. These are set within the room (see below)
  • Out of Order/Service- In-Room Status Stickies: To display what the actual status of the room is to the rest of the hotel, simply cycle through the circle sticky under the room's Opera Status.  The room below is showing an Out of Service room, that is marked dirty by the staff. This is for reference only, and does not interface with OPERA. 
  • Room History Analysis Pop-up: To see a history of all user room visits and changes for a specific room, simply click on the RH button in the header.
  • Opera Interface Analysis:  To view a real-time analysis of when the Opera Interfaces are up and down, click on the button this button displayed below. 
  • In-Room Manager Notes:  To view all manager notes for a specific room, click on MGR Insp pop-up.  Click within the box to add notes.
  • Sample Inspection Report: If you click on the second circle button within the MGR insp pop-up, you will see the Room Inspection form.  We will be able to put in whatever you need here. Moving forward we will use the data to create inspection reports.
  • Workorders/Pictures within the Room: If you click on the third circle button in the MGR insp pop-up, you will be able to view a list of any pictures that were taken within the room, as well as any workorders that were reported for that room (currently showing all workorders- will filter this to display only open workorders)
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