CIELO B25- 04/08/14

1) TURNDOWN FEATURES: Send turndown requests through Bulk Messaging Screen.  Simply select the rooms you would like to assign to a certain person, select turndown out of the dropdown to the right, and choose the associate you would like to assign the turndown requests to.  They will automatically assign these requests to that user.  When the turndown associate accesses these requests through their messaging screen it will bring them to the in-room view where they can see the information they need, change the status of the request (accept and complete), and report items they may have noticed.


2) UPDATED OVERVIEW SCREEN:  All associates that have access to the Overview screen will see the statuses of the turndowns that were assigned.  A red N, displays a "Not yet" started turndown request.  A yellow O, displays an "I'm on it" turndown request.  Lastly, a green T, displays a "done" turndown request.  

This screen can now get busy, so we added filters to either "show" or "hide" different types of data.  By click on the different buttons below the rooms that are displayed, you can select your viewing preference. 

3)ROOM HISTORY REPORT:  This report enables associates with report access to see detailed room history data.  You can filter by a range of dates, a certain associate, and/or by the room.  You can select as many of these filters as you'd like to be more specific.  Once you've selected the filters you want, press create report to see the data you requested. 


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