Employee Settings

1. The Employees Screen can be reached by clicking Employees in the top Menu.



2. In the Employees Screen, associates can view all the employees who were put into Cielo. They can be viewed by department for easier searching. Managers and Front Desk Associates can add new or edit existing employees.



3. To edit the information of an existing employee, select their name from the list. It is important to note, only managers should have a check in the box next to "Can Mark Rooms Inspected". This allows the employee to flip a clean room to a ready room which will be put in the inventory to be sold. Any changes to the employee information needs to be saved by clicking the black Save Employee button at the bottom.



4. To add a new employee, simply click the black Add New Employee button at the top and blank fields will appear with a black Create Employee button at the bottom. The black Create Employee button must be clicked after all the fields are filled to create the employee in Cielo.


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