Zendesk Intro

1. Our tech support is pre-set in safari on all devices. To access the tech support page click the safari icon here.

2. Then click on the PCT Tech Support icon here.

3. This launches our tech support page where you can view general information, training videos and training documents.

4. You can also submit a request for a new feature or report a bug by clicking the “Submit a Request” button here.

5. Or here on the iPod.

6. To submit a request, fill out your email address, followed by the subject and details of your request.

7. Then click the “Submit” button at the bottom.

8. To access a specific tech support item, select the appropriate category, in this case Training Videos.

9. Then select your appropriate department. We’ll choose housekeeping and engineering here.

10. Finally, click on the actual tech support item, in this case the Camera Training Video.

11. You will see a YouTube link on the next page. Click the link to go to the PCT YouTube channel.

12. Then click the red play button to view the video.


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