Hotel Settings

1. Click on Settings at the right end of the top menu to access the Hotel Settings Screen.



2. The Hotel Settings screen lets managers customize several areas of Cielo to fit their operational needs. Not every setting needs to be filled out if the property does not need that feature (ie Break Time, Rooms for Pick Up, etc).

Minutes per Credit and Room Travel time will help calculate the Forecasted Leaving Time in the Who's Where screen for Housekeepers. This is meant as a way for Managers to easily identify staff who may be falling behind and need some assistance to get back on track.




3. Custom Quick Pick messages can be created for staff members to quickly choose a message they want to send out. Quick Picks are located in the messaging area and the In Room view. They have to be assigned to a recipient and need to be a message or action item (Need, Request, WorkOrder). This allows the message to automatically be sent to the proper recipient without staff needing to look up who's working that day.


4. Daily Projects and Alerts show up on the home screens for Housekeepers, Service Persons, and Engineers. This lets them know what general projects need to be completed for the day as well as any vital information about the property or guests.



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