Hotel Settings

Click on Settings at the right end of the top menu to access the Hotel Settings Screen.


The Hotel Settings screen lets managers customize several areas of PurpleCloud to fit their operational needs. Not every setting needs to be filled out if the property does not need that feature (ie Break Time, Rooms for Pick Up, etc).

Minutes per Credit and Room Travel time will help calculate the Forecasted Leaving Time in the Who's Where screen for Housekeepers. This is meant as a way for Managers to easily identify staff who may be falling behind and need some assistance to get back on track.

Room to Room Travel Time effects the forecasted leaving time. This is the time that you allow housekeepers to travel from one room to another when cleaning them. This can be set to 0 if you do not want to allow this.

Building to Building Travel Time is also calculated in the forecasted leaving time. If housekeepers have to work in multiple buildings at your property, then you can add in the allotted time to get from building to building. If you only have one building, then you can set this value to 0.

Session Timeout just means that PurpleCloud will automatically log out an individual(s) who are inactive for this time period. If you do not want anyone to be logged out of the system while working, then set the value to 480 (8 hours). If you want individuals to be logged out after 60 minutes of inactivity, then set the value to 60. Be sure to click on the green "Save Session Timeout Time button" to save your changes.

"Total Allowed Break Time?" can be used to allow breaks throughout the day. This will also be calculated in the forecasted leave time. It is optional for you to use the Break feature in PurpleCloud. 



New Day Settings - Only admins are able to run a New Day in PurpleCloud. If you do not have admin access, please let a PurpleCloud admin know. They will be able to give you access but only if you are a manager (MN) in the system. To learn more about the New Day and the First Import of the Day buttons, please click here:

The New Day button will need to be pressed each day to clear out the room assignments and messages from the previous day. You can also set up the system to run the new day automatically so that you do not have to press the New Day button each day. 

To set the time so that the system can run the new day automatically, simply click in the field labeled "Set New Time". Use the first hand to select the hour and second hand to select the minutes. This should be set early in the morning before anyone starts to assign rooms for the day.


You can set the other fields as well if they are not set currently.


In the Estimate HK Times, be sure to set the "Regular Min Assigned Time" to at least 480 minutes (8 hours) so that if you do use the Auto-assign feature in the Assign Staff area, the system will evenly assign rooms up to 8 hours for all housekeepers chosen to work that day.


Cleaning Time Calculations

1. Time to Clean = The time it takes a housekeeper to clean a checkout room
2. Staying Time to Clean = The time it takes a housekeeper to clean a stayover room
3. Seniorless Time to Clean = The time it takes an Inspector/Inspectress to clean a checkout room
4. Seniorless Staying Time to Clean = The time it takes an Inspector/Inspectress to clean a stayover room 
5. Senior Inspector Time to Clean  = The time it takes for an Inspector/Inspectress to inspect a room



Custom Quick Pick Messages can be created for staff members to quickly choose a message they want to send out. Quick Picks are located in the messaging area and the In-Room view. They have to be assigned to a recipient and need to be a message or action item (Need, Request, or WorkOrder). This allows the message to automatically be sent to the proper recipient without staff needing to look up who's working that day.

If you need to have the same message added for both In-Room and the Messaging area, you will have to complete a duplicate item.


Daily Projects and Alerts show up on the home screens for Housekeepers, Service Persons, and Engineers. This lets them know what general projects need to be completed for the day as well as any vital information about the property or guests.


The DND Auto-Unassign Settings allows you to check the box to enable auto unassigning. This means that once a housekeeper takes a picture of a DND sign, whatever time you enter in the "Set New Time" field, the DND signs will be removed at that time automatically. This will allow managers to reassign the room to a housekeeper to check on the room again to see if the sign has been removed and the room is ready to be cleaned.


The DND Photo Taking Setting is a feature that when enabled will NOT require a photo to be taken when enabling the DND button. When unchecked, your housekeepers will be REQUIRED to take a photo upon enabling the DND button inside of the room in PurpleCloud.


The Manager On Duty and the area labeled "What number should be texted in the event of an emergency?" do not need to be filled out. This information is now stored in the Employees menu. All managers can now add their cell phone number to their own employee profile to be notified of emergencies and of tasks that are coming due.




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