Room Inspection Training

1. Managers and/or supervisors who need to inspect rooms can use an iPad or tablet to access PurpleCloud while they walk the floors. Below is the home screen in the tablet view.



2. Scroll down to the Area Overview which initially displays all the rooms.



3. At the top of the screen, you will find the Filters button which can be used to filter the Area Overview by room status, floor, room location, icons, assigned, department occupancy, room type, and/or by building.



4. To filter the rooms to only show clean (ready to inspect) rooms, select the status filter and then press the gray Deselect All button.



5. Once all the boxes are unchecked, check the Clean box and only clean rooms will be displayed in the Area Overview.



6. Once the filter is set, the manager or supervisor can access any clean room by selecting the room they want to inspect in the Area Overview. For this example, we are selecting room 106.


7. When the manager or supervisor physically enters the room they are inspecting, they should click on "Enter Room". This will let others know that you are physically in the room inspecting it. Once you finish and exit the room, click on the "Leave Room" button to indicate that you are no longer in the room.

mceclip9.png  mceclip10.png


8. To access the Room Inspection Checklist, click on the green Complete Checklist box above Change Status.


9. The Complete Checklist screen will show any In Room checklists that need to be completed by a manager or supervisor. Click on Quality Inspection to open it.


10. Once the Inspection checklist is opened, a manager or supervisor can start their quality inspection. Some are based on scores and others will just be a checklist. In either case, comments can be left for each item and an image can be uploaded at the bottom. After completing the inspection, click the green Complete Inspection button or click on the Save For Later button to complete it at a later time.


11. The score of the inspection will be listed in the In-Room view for other managers to see that it was completed.


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