Training Screen Area

1. To access the training screen, select Training from the top menu.


2. This is the Training Screen, which shows various training items including images, documents, and videos. Managers are the only staff members who can create new training items.



3. To access a training feature click on one of the various buttons on the left. Here you can see a training item. If you are viewing a video, it will automatically start playing. To stop the video, simply click inside the video screen. Since managers can add new training items, they can also edit existing items if needed. The pencil icon next to Title and Description means it is an editable field. 



4. To add a training item, simply click the black Create New Training button on top of the list on the left.



5. Depending on what type of training is being created, the associate will have to upload a file (PDF or Image) or provide a link to a video (uploaded to YouTube). After the item is uploaded or link provided, the training item needs a title it and description. Click the green Create New Training button to save.




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