Front Desk - In-Room View Training

1.  The in-room view can be accessed by clicking on any room.



2. We are currently viewing room 109. There are two screenshots below to show the complete In Room view.



3. In room #106 you can see an S-19 displayed. The S indicates that the guest is staying over. The 14 indicates they are staying for 19 more nights. If the guest were leaving (checking out) today, you would see an (L) instead of an S.



4. The icons below the room number allow staff to:

  • Mark the room as Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Check into and out of the room (this lets other staff know you are physically in the room)
  • See Guest Information
  • Add a photo to create a work order, documentation, lost and found, and smoking damage



Below the Room #, you can also see when the last time Do Not Disturb status was changed.



5. Below the icons section, there is an area that contains information on when an inspection was conducted, a button to access In-Room checklists, and a box to mark that the guest refused service. The In-Room Checklists are only for managers, engineers, housekeepers, and servicepersons, Front Desk does get In-Room checklists. Complete Checklist Training can be found here.



6. In the next section, housekeepers and managers can change the status of the room. Simply click the red box under Change Status and a drop-down menu will appear. Certain statuses can only be changed by managers (Out of Order, Out of Service).



7. Below the Change Status button is a Quick Pick Messaging Menu that can be used to send a quick message regarding the room. The options are controlled by managers and each message will go to a specific person or department. Once the option is selected, it is automatically sent. Relevant staff will hear and receive sound notifications along with seeing the new item in their messaging area.



8. The next section lets everyone know who is assigned to the room. Engineers (EN) can be assigned for Preventative Maintenance or to receive the daily work orders. House persons (SP) or Housemen can be assigned to help with small needs such as stripping rooms. Housekeepers (HK) are assigned to clean rooms and deliver guest requests. Managers (MN) and supervisors (SR) are assigned to inspect rooms.



9. The bottom two tabs are pending requests that need to be completed and pictures that have been taken in the room. Pending requests can be completed directly by those assigned to them and managers by clicking on the button to the left of each item and then selecting the status (Open, On It, Not Yet, Done).


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