Reports Tab Training

1. In this tutorial, we will go over the Reports Screen. To access the Reports Screen click the Reports button in the top menu on the right.



2. Once in the Reports screen, there are many reports to choose from and also ways of searching through all of the messaging in PurpleCloud.



3. The top of the screen has filters that correspond to the report being viewed. Not all reports have filters. In this example, the Messages report can be filtered by: Date, Keywords, Location, To/From, Message Status, and Message Type. 



4. By selecting a date and typing in a keyword, such as toilet, we can see how the filter searches for that keyword in the messages.



5. Most reports (except Search All Messages) can be opened as PDFs or CSVs to be further customized, saved, or shared. If the report can be downloaded, they will have a green button at the top of the list.


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