In-Room View Training

1. In this tutorial we will go over the In-Room View.

2. To access the In-Room View, go to your Agenda Screen within the Menu on the top left.


3. After selecting Menu, you will get the dropdown menu. Select Agenda to take you to the Agenda List view.


4. In the Agenda List view a staff member will see all the rooms assigned to them along with their Status, Occupancy, if the room is Do Not Disturb, and if the guest is leaving or staying over. To go into the In Room View, select any room.


5. You can see that we are currently viewing room 103. Because of all the information, you have to scroll down on your screen or device to see the rest. We listed two screen shots to show the complete view.

HK_In_Room_View.png           HK_In_Room_Bottom.png

6. Next to Room #103 you can see an L displayed. The L indicates that the guest is leaving today. If the guest was staying, you would see S-#. The # will be the number of nights they are staying. For example, S-7 means that they are staying for 7 more nights.


7. The icons below the room number allow staff to: mark the room Do Not Disturb, check into the room when they start cleaning (click the same icon to check out when finished), see Guest Information, and add a photo to create a workorder for the room or for documentation. Below the icons, you can also see when the last time the DND icon was selected to keep record of when exactly it was observed should a guest complain about not getting serviced.



8. Below the icons section there is an area that contains information on when an inspection was conducted, a button to access In Room checklists, and a box to mark that the guest refused service. 


9. The next section is where staff can change the status of the room. Simply click the colored box under Change Status and a drop down menu will appear. Certain statuses can only be changed by managers.


10. Below the Change Status button is a Quick Pick Messaging Menu that can be used to send a quick message regarding the room. The options are controlled by managers and each message will go to a specific person or department. Once the option is selected, it is automatically sent. Relevant staff will hear and receive sound notifications.


11. The next section lets everyone know who is assigned to the room. Engineers can be assigned for Preventative Maintenance or to receive the daily workorders. Housepersons can be assigned to help with small needs such as stripping rooms. 


12. The bottom two tabs are pending requests that need to be completed and pictures that have been taken in the room. Pending requests can be completed directly by those assigned to them and managers by simply clicking on the button to the left of each item.




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