Area Overview Training

1. This is the Area Overview Section which can be seen by Managers and Front Desk Associates. Area Overview shows all the rooms of the property and relevant information concerning each room.


2. Each room contains the following information: Room Number and Location, Room Status, Room Occupancy, Room Type, Duration of Guest Stay, Do Not Disturb Status, Staff Assignments, Staff Location, and if the room has an arrival (clock) or is on queue (star) to be cleaned next.



3. The following legend explains the different statuses and occupancies of the room based on color of the box and color of the text.



4. The middle section of the room shows the room building location, room number, occupancy (occupied if black numbers), guest stay duration (S means stay-over, the following number are nights), and if it is a Do Not Disturb room (strikethrough and DND in upper right corner). If there is a clock and/or a star to the right of the room number, this means there is an Arrival (clock) and/or the room needs to be cleaned next (star).

The below example, Room 1-111, is:

  • Dirty (red)
  • Room type XWR (upper left corner)
  • Do Not Disturb (strikethrough and DND in upper right corner)
  • Occupied (black text)
  • Located in building 1
  • Stayover with 9 nights left
  • MN1, SP4, and EN2 staff members are assigned to it



5. The following example is showing us:

  • Clean (blue)
  • Room type KWC (upper left corner)
  • Occupied (black text)
  • Located in building 1
  • Stayover with 9 nights left
  • HK11, SP4, EN2, and MN1 are assigned to the room
  • EN2 is currently in the room (white box around EN2)




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