Area Overview Training

1. This is the Area Overview Section which can be seen by Managers and Front Desk Associates. Area Overview shows all the rooms of the property and relevant information concerning each room.


2. Each room contains the following information: Room Number and Location, Room Status, Room Occupancy, Room Type, Duration of Guest Stay, Do Not Disturb Status, Staff Assignments, Staff Location, and if the room has an arrival (clock) or is on queue (star) to be cleaned next.



3. The following legend explains the different statuses and occupancies of the room based on color of the box and color of the text.



4. The middle section of the room shows the room building location, room number, occupancy (occupied if black numbers), guest stay duration (S means stay-over, the following number are nights), and if it is a Do Not Disturb room (strikethrough and DND in upper right corner). If there is a clock and/or a star to the right of the room number, this means there is an Arrival (clock) and/or the room needs to be cleaned next (star).

The below example, Room 106, is:

  • Dirty (red)
  • Room type KWC (upper left corner)
  • Do Not Disturb (strikethrough and DND in the upper right corner)
  • Occupied (black text)
  • Stayover (S) with 14 nights left
  • HK4 and EN12 are the staff members assigned to the room
  • Bell icon equals a need or request is attached to the room
  • Hazard sign equals a work order is attached to the room



5. Here us what the other items mean:

  • Blue color equals clean
  • Green color equals inspected or ready
  • Room type KWC (upper left corner)
  • Occupied (black text)
  • Vacant (white text)
  • Stayover with 14 nights left (S-14)
  • L equals leaving or checking out
  • HK4, HK8, HK3, HK7, EN6 are system generate codes that identify each PurpleCloud user who is assigned to the room
  • HK8 is currently in room 207, that is why the HK8 is highlighted
  • Bell icon equals need or request is attached to the room
  • Hazard icon equals a work order is attached to the room
  • Wine Glass icon equals minibar has been restocked
  • Clock icon equals a Rush Room
  • Crescent Moon equals PM cleaning
  • Bed icon equals the room has been stripped
  • Star equals guest is arriving
  • The little arrow at the bottom left of room 206 equals the guest has checked out of the room
  • The three-line strikethrough with RS at the top right corner equals Refused Service
  • The mceclip5.png icon equals Turndown complete
  • The mceclip6.png icon equals turndown refused


If you see a checkmark at the top right corner of a room, this means that someone marked the room as PMS Flipped:


6. If you ever need to reference the icons, you can simply access the Home screen, expand the Filters button, and then click on the ICONS filter to see the meaning:




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