Message Formatting Training

1.  In this document we will describe the message formatting for managers. We use a variety of ways to show whether items are assigned, unassigned, overdue, acknowledged and completed.

2. There is color coding for the messages:

  • Blue items are Workorders (W).
  • Green items are Guest Requests (R).
  • Orange items are Needs (N) that neither fit a workorder or guest requests.
  • There are also Messages (M) which do not have a color associated with it and are informational only.


3. Unassigned items are highlighted. An unassigned workorder is highlighted blue. Unassigned needs are highlighted orange. Lastly, unassigned requests are highlighted green. Also, you will notice is says "to Unassigned EN". This is another indicator that an item has not been assigned to a specific associate.


4. If the item is already assigned, the highlighting is removed and the text is displayed on a white background as shown by the Request FD5 to HK3, Extra towels Room 138, below. Additionally, the “To” field will show the assigned associate.


 5. Notice that the second to last item has bold text and a red icon next to it. This is because the item is overdue, which means that the item has not been completed within a certain amount of time after it was sent.



 6. Some items will have an image attached with it. When this occurs, an image icon appears next to the message type.



7. When an action item is completed, the item will be grayed out.


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