Assigning Staff Members to Rooms

1. To assign rooms to your staff, click on the Menu button and then choose Assign Staff:


2. Use the Assign Staff screen to assign or reassign staff members to rooms, floors, buildings, and tasks.



3. To assign or reassign room(s), simply click on each room once to highlight them, select a staff member, and then select the green Save Assignments button. 


4. You can also utilize the Autoassign button to assign rooms to housekeepers as well. Once you press the button, select the housekeepers whom you want the system to automatically assign rooms to and then click on the green Assign button. PurpleCloud will automatically assign rooms evenly based upon hours.



5. Below the list of staff on the right, there are buttons that allow you to clear all assignments or clear just by the department.


6. Should associates want to filter rooms to only view certain rooms such as dirty or occupied, the room filters up top work the same as on the homepage. It should be noted, these filters do not reset when navigating to a new screen and will need to be reset manually by clearing the set filters.


7. When assigning engineers to rooms for Preventative Maintenance, there will be a box that appears under the green Save Assignments button for EN Inspection Date. This allows managers to schedule Preventative Maintenance as needed.



8. To assign tasks, simply click on the Assign Tasks button. 


9. Next, click on SYNC TASK SCHEDULES (this will only work if you have setup tasks inside of PurpleCloud):



10. Once you assign rooms, you can keep track of them by accessing the Assignments Summary. Click on the Menu button and then select the Assignments Summary button:


11. The Assignments Summary screen shows who is assigned to the rooms and how many rooms were assigned. To filter the view by department, click the grey Department button up top and select the department(s) you want to see.


12. Use the other filters to filter by icons and room status as well.

13. You can also drag and drop rooms to other staff members in this view.

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