Completion Screen Training

1. To access the completion screen, click on a need or request, that is assigned to you, from the messaging screen. For this example, we will click on the Request, which was assigned to Evan S.


2. In the completion screen, there are some options that are only filled in when necessary: Estimated Date & Time, Notes, Resources and even the Room Number can be changed if needed. 


3. You or your manager can add an estimated completion date under Estimated Completion. Be sure to click on the black "Log Date" button to save what you have entered.


4. You can add any resources, notes, and you can even change the room number if needed. Be sure to click on the black "Save Notes And Resources" button to save what you type in.


5. To acknowledge an action item an associate can click the blue button below that says "On It". If any button is selected by accident, the red button, "Not Yet", can be selected.


6. Once the action item is completed, associates can click the green "Done" button to notify the rest of the hotel that the work order has been completed.



7. To save any new information for the action item, click on Save Notes and Resources on the bottom.


8. Click the left arrow button to return to the list of action items.


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