How To Complete Messages

1. To access the completion screen, click an assigned need, request, or work order from the messaging screen.


2. The completion screen will open in the messages column.



3. Associates can add an Estimated Completion Date if it is a work order and can add any Notes or Resources for other items when relevant. To save any new information for the action item, click on the black Save Notes and Resources button on the bottom.



4. To acknowledge an action item, the associate can click the blue button below that says "On It". If any button is selected by accident, the red button, "Not Yet", can be selected. Other buttons are "Done" and "Cancel". Once the action item is completed, associates can click the green Done button to notify the rest of the hotel that the need has been completed. Each time a button is selected, there is a timestamp at the bottom of the item to let others know when the status of the item changed.



5. If the task is unassigned or needs to be reassigned, the front desk agent can click on the drop-down box below Resources and select a new staff member to take care of the task. Once selected, the action item is automatically sent to the staff member.



6. Click the left arrow button on the top left to return to the list of action items.



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