Front Office Home Screen Training

1. This is the Overview Screen for the Front Desk, which also resembles the Home Screen for managers.



2. The Main Toolbar menu includes areas for Gallery, Training, Employees, Who's Where, Room Assignments, Reports, Manage Checklists, Out of Room Checklists, Analytics (for those that have access), Notes, and Settings. We will cover those in other sections.



3. Below the Main Toolbar menu are Filters. Click on the button labeled "Filters" to expand the area. Filters are also available in the Gallery, Who's Where, Room Assignments, Reports, Analytics, and the Assign Staff and Change Status tabs (the black buttons shown below the filters). It is important to note, these filters do not reset on their own when switching to different sections of PurpleCloud. This is so that you don't have to re-filter when you move around the program.  A little filter icon will show up next to filtered items so that you know there is a filtered applied. If you forget which filters you've applied, simply click on the "Clear Saved" button to reset everything back to normal.


4. The black Operation buttons below the filters area are room related. Some are informational like the Show Legend and Preventative Maintenance buttons and the others can be used to change room information such as Assign Staff and Change Status buttons. The Guest List button allows you to edit guest names, VIP Status, Pets, Language, and Arrival and Departure dates which are located inside of the rooms under the Guest Information button.



5. The House Count section does exactly that, gives the Front Desk Associates and Managers a quick overview of the house count. The Show Legend button above the section provides information on the coloring scheme in Area Overview.



6. The Area Overview section is where the rooms are listed depending on your room filter settings (Area Overview training). Each room will show the room's status (color), room number, building, vacancy (black letters and/or numbers = occupied and white letters and/or numbers = vacant), if it's a stayover or departure room (S-# = Stayover and the number indicates how many remaining nights they are staying and L = Leaving or Checking Out), and who are assigned to the rooms (HK, MN, SP, EN, SR, etc.). To go to the In Room view, select any room.



7. At the bottom right corner of the Home Screen is the envelope icon which equals the messaging area. Clicking this button will show all of the messages between staff members for the day. This includes messages, needs, requests, and work orders. Managers can filter messages by department, team members, and old action items that were not completed (via open items).



8. Messages can also be created by clicking the black messages box at the bottom. More training on messages can be found here: Messaging Training, Messaging Formatting, Item Assignment, and Completion Screen.



9. The red button at the top right corner of the screen is the Emergency button. The Emergency button allows all staff members who have access to PurpleCloud to send a text message to mangers (cell phone numbers have to be entered in their employee profile in the system) in case of an emergency.

The WI-FI signal button to the right of the Emergency button indicates whether or not you are connected to the internet. If the button is green, then you are successfully connected. If it turns red, then you are not connected to the internet; however, the system will transfer any data once a successful connection is re-established. 



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