Homescreen Training


1. This is the housekeeping home screen, which gives you an overview of your day. The menu button will allow you to access the other parts of PurpleCloud (Agenda, Break, Gallery, Checklists, Training, and Notes). Log out of PurpleCloud by clicking on the Menu button as well.


2. The menu dropdown.


3. To the right of the Menu button, is the Messaging button (white envelope) and all the way on the right side is the emergency button. The emergency button should be used if you feel threatened or feel like you are in a dangerous situation.


4. After clicking the emergency button, click the “Send!” button to notify your managers and associates of your location. To return to the home screen click the “Cancel” button. If needed, you can also type a message to specify your exact location and to specify the exact issue.



5. On the Home page, The Daily Overview section shows a real-time count of your requests, work orders, needs, and messages.


6. The Projects and Alerts section includes the “Project of the Day” and “Alerts”. These are both set by the manager for all associates to see.



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