Language and KeyBoard (iPad)

Change Language.

Step 1: Select Settings

Step 2: In General Settings, select International

Step 3: Select Language, then select your Language Preference


Edit Keyboards and Set Typing Features. 

You can turn typing features, such as spelling, on or off; add keyboards for writing in different languages; and change the layout of your onscreen keyboard.

Step 1: Select Settings

Step 2: In General Settings, select Keyboard

Step 3: Select Keyboard Shortcuts of your Preference


Add a Keyboard For Another Language.

Step 1: In Keyboard Settings, Select International Keyboards


Switch Keyboards. 

If you've set up keyboards for other languages in Settings > General > Keyboards > International Keyboards, you can switch among them by pressing Earth bottom on the bottom left of the keyboard



Change the Keyboard Layout. 

On iPad, you can type with a split keyboard that's at the bottom of the screen, or undocked and in the middle of the screen.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards, select a keyboard, and then choose a layout.

Step 1: Select the Keyboard Button, then choose to Undock or Split your keyboard.


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