Restriction Control (iPad)

Using Restrictions

You can enable and adjust Restrictions on your device to prevent access to specific features or content on the device.

1.   Tap Settings in your homescreen > Click on General in the left column.

Setting .png


2.   Tap Restrictions.


3.   Tap Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode.  If a passcode is already chosen, you will be prompted to enter it upon clicking the Restrictions button.


The passcode will be required to make changes to these settings or to disable Restrictions. Note: If you lose or forget a restriction passcode, contact your administrator to recover it. 


You can restrict access to the following applications and features on the device:


  Camera (also disables FaceTime)


  iTunes Store

  installing apps

  deleting apps

  In-App Purchases




You can prevent access to specific content types:

  ratings (select the country in the ratings section to automatically apply the appropriate content ratings for that region)

  music and podcasts


  TV shows




  You can also adjust the time necessary before a password is required to purchase content.


You can prevent changes to Privacy settings, including:

  Location Services





  Bluetooth sharing





You can prevent changes to the following settings and accounts:

  background app refresh

  volume limit

You can restrict features within Game Center:

  multiplayer games

  adding friends

Note: You can enable or enforce Restrictions using a profile (typically installed when using the device for business or education purposes). Check for installed profiles in Settings > General > Profiles. For additional information, contact the administrator or the person who installed the profile.

Additional Information

If your iOS device is missing a particular application or if a certain feature is not available, ensure that Restrictions are not enabled. Signs that restrictions is still enabled can include:

  App missing from the Home screen (such as Safari, Camera, or FaceTime)

  Feature or service unavailable (such as Siri or Location Services)

Setting missing or dimmed (such as Mail, Contacts, and Calendar; iCloud; Twitter; FaceTime)

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